The Round Mound of Sound, The Swami, Howard Cosell, Willie Griffin, The Blind Bastard: a short list of names that were synonymous with the very talented talk show host and leader of the Don Squad, Don Vogel.

Don worked at several radio stations during his career: WIND, WGN, KSTP-AM, WMAQ, WJFK, WISN, WLUP. He came back to KSTP-AM in 1992 and worked there until he passed away in June 1995.

Below are audio clips that were donated by T.D. Mischke from Don's widow. Tommy started out as the "Phantom Caller" during Don's first run at KSTP-AM from 1984-1987. When Don came back to AM1500, Tommy joined him as a co-host in 1992.

Some of the audio clips have been identified as to station, date & time, some are partially identified, and some are too vague to identify accurately. We have a lot more and will be posted as we process them.

April 2, 1986 3:00pm hour
Don Vogel Show Theme - Bill Kremlinger
Don Sings "New Dork, New Dork"
Stupid Line
Don Vogel with John MacDougall. January 1987
Don Vogel & John MacDougall give the weather. January 1987

April 26, 1988 Parts from 10:45am-11:30am.

April 12, 1991



December 1, 1987 first part of the 10:00am hour

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