Dale Weber

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Minnesota Broadcasting Hall of Fame

Dale Weber

Inducted 2004

After helping start and then run his campus radio station at the University of South Dakota, Dale Weber went on to become a DJ and sales representative at several Southwestern Minnesota radio stations.

In the late 1960's, Weber was named general manager at KRSI AM/FM Minneapolis - both of which were unlisted in the Arbitron ratings because their audiences were too small. Within a year after switching to an innovative all-request format, the stations were ranked number one among 18-to-34-year-old listeners. Next, Weber served for 16 years as general manager of legendary Twin Cities "Top 40" station, WDGY. In 1978, as hit music transitioned to the FM dial, Weber changed WDGY's format to Country music, and soon it was the dominant Country music station in the Twin Cities into the early 1980's. Weber went on to be named Western Group Manager for Nationwide Communications, providing management expertise for stations in Tucson, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Orlando and Houston. In the 1990's, Weber became President of Saga Communications, overseeing radio stations in Champaign and Springfield, Illinois, until his retirement in 2002, when he returned to live in Minnesota.